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  Our professional Call Agents provide a true extension of your business through personalized engagement. Find out how. 


 Separate yourself from the competition through our immediate multi-channel communication tools and expertise. 


 Ability to effectively outsource your entire business process or just segments of the process to a highly scalable team of agents. 

lead Generation Enhanced Business Opportunities

Contact Center

We provide a full service call center solution for your business with our Agents handling all points of contact. This option is highly customizable. We work closely with you to ensure that your business culture and needs are fully represented in all areas during the onboarding process and setup. We ensure that the Agent representation you receive is what you truly need to help maximize your growth potential.

US Based Support – Our Agents

 All of our Agents, both remote and in-house are located within the US and are employed directly by Ambos Contact Center. Our ideal Agent exhibits high touch phone skills, excellent written skills and are familiar with today’s technology. With strategic controls and technologically advanced monitored systems we provide an environment that enhances our employees strengths allowing them bring creativity, flexibility and dynamic performance to their jobs 


Strong leadership and effective teamwork have built Ambos Contact Center into an industry-leading Call Center focused on providing clients a superior customer-centric experience for their customers in all industries. Ambos Contact Center senior leadership team sets the strategic direction of the company and supports our passion for customer service and our drive to exceed the expectations of our clients and customers. 

Lead Verification

Our Lead Verification expertise enable our Inbound and Outbound Agents to quickly confirm inquiries and requests for your products and services. This important step is vital to ensure prospects are correctly and accurately passed through your sales funnel for continued engagement. 

Lead Qualification

Ranking your prospects to determine whether they are a hot or cold prospect comes down to qualification. We efficiently qualify your prospects to have your sales team focus on their core competency: closing the deal. Our Agents have vast experience filtering prospects depending on your requirements and can transfer them immediately. 

Lead Conversion

Whether assisting your team to verify and qualify your leads, our Lead Conversion Agents are sales-driven experts that are ready to close the deal. Simply give us the green light and see the increase in sales through our performance-based results. 


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